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By Inge Scharrer, Wolfgang Schramm

This ebook comprises the contribution to the thirty fifth Hemophilia Symposium, Hamburg 2004. the most issues are epidemiology, danger of infections and inhibitors in hemophilia, power hemophilic synovitis and long term result of orthopedic remedy, laboratory diagnostics and pediatric hemostaseology. the amount is rounded off by means of a number of loose papers and posters on hemophilia and hemorrhagic issues and inhibitors in hemophilia.

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Only half of the Prpsc is removed from blood by leukocyte depletion in hamster [8]. Cynomolgus macaques after oral and intracerebral uptake of Prpsc show an equivalent tissue distribution as mice [12]. 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 2 4 6 year 8 10 12 Fig. 1. Putative prion-aemia in man adapted from Brown [3] from the mouse model. Since the way of transportation of prion after oral ingestion in an organism seems roughly clear a time period of 5 to 10 years might be assumed. Unclear is the titer of the prion in plasma and in leukocytes Update on the Safety of Clotting Factors, Mainly Regarding the risk of Transmission 25 Elimination of PrPsc by the fractionation process Data published on the removal of Prpsc has been summarized by Foster [7].

Kabus, M. Kemkes-Matthes, B. Kentouche, K. Kiesewetter, H. Kirchmaier, M. Klamroth, R. Klare, M. Klarmann, D. Klinge, J. Knöfler, R. Koscielny, J. Krebs, H. Kreibich, U. Kretschmer, V. Kreuz, W. Kurnik, K. Kyank, U. Laws, H. J. Lenk, H. Loreth, R. Maak, B. Mayer, B. Mittler, U. Möller, J. Niekrens, C. Nimtz, A. Notheis, G. Pasold, R. Pindur, G. Pralle, H. Reiter, W. W. Richter, P. Ries, M. Scharf, E. Scharrer, I. Schmeltzer, B. Schneppenheim, R. Schobeß, R. Schramm, W. Schubert, C. Schulte-Overberg, U.

The novel human platelet septin SEPT8 is an interaction partner of SEPT4. Thromb Haemost (2004) 91: 959–966 The manifold difficult and elaborate methods which were used to obtain the results include cloning and expression studies, as well as Northern and Western analyses. Septins play an important role in platelet secretion. Dr. Zieger was able to show that the septins SEPT4, SEPT5 und SEPT8 are produced in the thrombocytes. Together with her work group, she was able to determine the cDNA of the three new human septins referred to, and to analysis the exons and introns.

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