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This extensive advent to Colonial American literatures brings out the comparative and transatlantic nature of the writing of this era and highlights the interactions among local, non-scribal teams, and Europeans that helped to form early American writing.
Situates the writing of this era in its a variety of ancient and cultural contexts, together with colonialism, imperialism, diaspora, and country formation.
Highlights interactions among local, non-scribal teams and Europeans in the course of the early centuries of exploration.
Covers quite a lot of methods to defining and analyzing early American writing.
Looks on the improvement of neighborhood spheres of impression within the 17th and eighteenth centuries.
Serves as an important adjunct to Castillo and Schweitzer's 'The Literatures of Colonial the USA: An Anthology' (Blackwell Publishing, 2001).

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Furthermore, although this is more implicit in White’s essay, both he and Jameson are necessarily sensitive to diachrony at the same time that both attend to synchrony. In offering us a way of interpreting cultural phenomena focused on time as well as on space, the work of both scholars allows us to make claims not only about the distinctiveness of hemispheric colonial moments, but also about moments that precede, follow, and intersect with them. In fact, as the metaphor of the endlessly changing weather map suggests, we can only see such synchrony – and the kinds of hemispheric spatial relationships it displays – in light of a reconceived diachrony.

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