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By James H.C. Creighton

Welcome to new territory: A direction in likelihood versions and statistical inference. the idea that of likelihood isn't new to you in fact. you might have encountered it considering youth in video games of chance-card video games, for instance, or video games with cube or cash. and also you learn about the "90% likelihood of rain" from climate reviews. yet when you get past basic expressions of chance into extra refined research, it truly is new territory. and intensely international territory it truly is. you want to have encountered stories of statistical leads to voter sur­ veys, opinion polls, and different such reports, yet how are conclusions from these stories acquired? how are you going to interview quite a few electorate the day prior to an election and nonetheless verify particularly heavily how HUN­ DREDS of hundreds of thousands of electorate will vote? that is information. you will find it very attention-grabbing in this first direction to determine how a competently designed statistical examine can in achieving rather a lot wisdom from such greatly incomplete details. it truly is possible-statistics works! yet HOW does it paintings? via the top of this path you should have understood that and lots more and plenty extra. Welcome to the enchanted forest.

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B) If you test postive, what are the chances you actually have the disease? " (c) What happens to the predictive value of the test as the disease becomes less common ? 003 . " Assume "accuracy" refers to both sensitivity and specificity. What would be the predictive value of the combined 28 Chapter 1 - Introduction to Probability Models of the Real World test, where a positive reading on the first test is confirmed on the second test? 003. (after [Finkelstein and Levin]). (e) Show that the test and the disease are not independent.

But now, before we go any further, why don't you just ... 1 (a) In the tables above for the fair die and the fair coin, give a verbal description of the variable X. (b) Complete the tables by giving the probabilities for a fair die and a fair coin. (c) What does the word "probability" mean? Explain it in terms of the I . I - Probability Distributions of Random Variables 5 probability to draw the ace of spades when you take the top card from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. 2 Later we'll develop precise rules for working with probabilities, but can you guess the probabilities of getting (a) a number less than three on one roll of a fair die?

9 We need to develop some precise techniques for questions like this, but based on your experience with games of chance, can you guess the answers to these simple questions? (a) If you roll a fair die repeatedly (n times, let's say), how many dots altogether would you expect to roll on average? (b) Suppose you toss a fair coin many times, how many heads would you expect on average? (c) Suppose you toss a fair coin and that you'll be given two dollars if you toss a head and three dollars if you toss a tail.

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