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He said. "That's what makes irrigation so simple in this new Territory of Colorado. Water runs uphill just as well as down. Effect of the light air. pressure ain't half of what it is back there in New York! " I might be a tenderfoot, and my University degree had undoubtedly been obtained in classics not in science, but I couldn't quite swallow that. What amused me was our stage-driver Bill's absolutely serious voice, and likewise the serious way in which some of our wise men from the East whom we had aboard took it; they had heard many strange things about the West, but that water should run uphill, not in a force-pipe but in an open irrigating ditch, that was a large order.

Mr. " He extended a clean as well as a strong hand and grasped mine cordially. "You're English; pleased to hear it! My wife's English, and I'd like to have you meet her. " I expressed much pleasure in accepting. "I'll look in again presently," he continued, "and call for you. I've just got a little matter of business around the corner to attend to first. " And with a quick silent step he was gone. We three sat down again to our interrupted game. , You don't know him of course," said Billy to me, "but he's a gambler.

Crocker was still out on business in the town, and I found that business hours might extend up to almost any time of night. However, he came in fairly early, and at once took me up into his room, and proposed to continue my education in the matter of pistols and how to handle them. II II ENTER THE TENDERFOOT 13 From the hip-pocket he had shown me, he produced a short bulldog-looking weapon, nickel-plated; it worked with a double pull on the trigger, as he explained, demonstrating the merits of this special action by clicking it round with his thumb on the hammer and forefinger on the trigger.

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