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The notion of the common used to be born within the lands we now name Europe, but it truly is exactly the common that's Europe's undoing. All ecu politics is stuck in a pressure: to claim a eu identification is to be open to multiplicity, yet this very openness might dissolve Europe as such. This ebook displays on Europe and its altering limitations over the span of twenty centuries. a piece of philosophy, it always attracts on concrete occasions. From historical Greece and Rome, to Christianity, to the Reformation, to the nationwide revolutions of the 20th century, what we this present day name "Europe" has been a succession of tasks within the identify of ecclesia or neighborhood. Empire, Church, and european: all were developed not like an Oriental "other." The stakes of Europe, then, are as a lot metaphysical as political. Redefining a chain of key recommendations comparable to global, position, transportation, and the typical, this publication sheds mild on Europe as technique by way of enticing with the main major philosophical debates at the topic, together with the paintings of Marx, Husserl, Heidegger, Patocka, and Nancy.

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72 4. The Holy Roman Empire We are now equipped with three figures (of the universal). Two are bound together: church and empire. The third, Europe, follows them. Unsurprisingly, they have a few attributes in common. An unavoidable question then arises: how did we move from the former to the latter? The Europe Crossways 33 question remains, even supposing that the church and the empire are contemporaneous and in accord (the name of this articulation being Rome). 73 My fifth hypothesis intends to answer this question: Europe configures itself facing Islam.

This bestial apparition is erotic: indeed, eros is the desire to touch, which has overtaken the young women. In fact, the bull has stopped near Europē and “kept licking her neck, and cast his spell over the maiden” (p. 193)—which, like the seduction by smell, is the way of an animal. Then he quietly invited her to climb (onto his broad back). Inviting her friends to do the same, she smiled and “sat down on the back of the bull”; and that is when he “leaped up immediately . . and swiftly he sped to the deep [the sea]” (p.

But it is also the Mediterranean, the sea between land masses. Finally, it is the Occident, the west, where the sun goes down. We shall have to come 26 Europe Crossways back to all these characteristics—and ask ourselves, Why is Rome the place of the joined institutions of the empire and the church, the locus of their conjunction, the unity of their site, without any fusion or confusion between them—all this, in spite of permanent temptations, in spite of the indefinite historical reiteration (in the history of the empire, the church, and then Europe) of the endless caesaro-papist dream, the major fantasy of all European despots?

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