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Granting and Renegotiating Infrastructure Concessions: Doing it Right (Wbi Development Studies)

Little over a decade in the past, infrastructure concessions promised to resolve Latin America's endemic infrastructure deficit. provided in aggressive auctions, those concessions have been imagined to mix inner most region potency with hire dissipation caused by means of festival. but whatever didn't move particularly correct, as concessions have been plagued with opportunistic renegotiations, such a lot of them on the cost of taxpayers.

The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward - A New Approach (Vintage)

On March 15, 2006, participants from either events in Congress supported the construction of the bipartisan Iraq learn staff to check the location at the floor and suggest concepts for how ahead. For greater than 8 months, the research workforce met with army officials, nearby specialists, teachers, reporters, and high-level govt officers from the United States and in a foreign country.

Public Policy Analysis: New Developments

Conventional coverage research techniques are characterised by means of a spotlight on process modeling and selecting between coverage possible choices. whereas winning in lots of situations, this method has been more and more criticized for being technocratic and ignoring the behavioral and political dimensions of such a lot coverage strategies.

The Politics of Presidential Appointments: Political Control and Bureaucratic Performance

Within the wake of storm Katrina, many wondered even if the massive variety of political appointees within the Federal Emergency administration organisation contributed to the agency's terrible dealing with of the disaster, finally costing hundreds and hundreds of lives and inflicting immeasurable soreness and ache. The Politics of Presidential Appointments examines extensive how and why presidents use political appointees and the way their offerings influence executive performance--for larger or worse.

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He should have just shot him—no talk, no knock-down, no thinking. Now, too many people were watching. He heard a siren in the distance. Maybe it wasn’t for him, or maybe someone had already called the cops— Jamal looked up the road, saw the Camry had pulled into an empty space curbside. It was too far to run. And he didn’t want to leave empty-handed. Okay, you didn’t kill the guy but you can bounce with the car. He could still score points by leading the cops to the Embarcadero and putting the Rover in the bay, or maybe driving it into the hot new lounge of the Phoenix Hotel— Shoving the gun back in his waistband, Jamal jumped into the Rover, slammed the door, and stomped on the gas.

So what’s the story here? ” “Carjacking that went a little south,” Jack told her. ” “Some fool EMTs went in and got him,” Drabinsky said. He had been pacing back and forth, eyeballing the crash. “They’ve got him at General. I don’t know anything else. ” Max asked. Her questions weren’t just for her own information; she was running sound and the bites were often invaluable. ” Drabinsky asked. ” He shrugged. “If they have, no one’s told me. We’re just the garbage collectors. ” “Charming,” Max said.

Not just the skin color but the arrogance, the strut. He reminded Jamal of the movies he’d seen on YouTube of blacks in the 1960s, flexing their new legal rights, amped up by the power of numbers, ready for payback after centuries of being second-class. ” Jamal asked. ” Leon shot him a frown. “This ain’t about the car. It’s about—” “I know what it’s about,” Jamal said. ” Leon shook his head. Jamal continued to look out the window. What this was about was Jamal and Leon trying to get the rest of the Sawyer Street crew to take Jamal seriously.

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