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As not realized or even s hunned in the Basic Sec tion and e ven i n the Proof Port ion . 2 . 3 Even in the Sal[ldhinirmocana passage under discuss ion, all that ha s happened is that Hind-containi ng-all-Seeds, expressly identifi ed , alayavi jnana , element is re birt h Ilean in SaJ]ld h V. e . the (Sal[ldh V. 3), ..... ith s tated t o be the central " s ub ject" of s aJ]lsara) • rebirt h in arwpyadhatu . But t he above-mentioned con seq u e n c e. ana ' is sti ll ex plained t o hides i n t h e bod y J in t he sense of s haring it s destiny " (§ 2 .

Lkara) i s establish ed as an entity o n its owo , placed , similar to the new manaa of the Yogacaras , between the buddhi (someh ow correspo ndi ng to alayavijnana) and maMa which, as the organ that g athers and. coord i nate s sense- data and a s t he fa culty of t hought , correspo nds to the manovijiitina of the Yogacaras . 13 Passage vij nana' , ture the 1 s hall and tried to fix - or iginal on meaning now a ttempt t he of the basis of my Initial e r m t to establish it s original pro p e r t i e s , , alaya- n a - once again starting fr om th e pre s uppo sition that my Initial Paasage has , i n princi ple , faithfully preserved the original con text of the introduc ti on of alaya- vijfiana .

13). 2. 13. 2 An important point of the alayav i jnana of my concept InitiaL Passage is that alayavijnana is conceived of as s t i c k i n g 0 h i d i n g r i n t h e mat e ,. 5), this conception can be rega r ded as directly (though not unambiguously) Initial. 6) and as term 'alayavijnana' (see § 2 . 7) . 1 3. 3- 2. 13. 3 A further property of alayavijiiana. ma)21 8 o r name (see the § 2. 9) , at is the quoted in the Initial. Passage and due to which the introduction o f alayavijiiana became imperative (§ 2.

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