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By Simon Hailwood

Many environmental scientists, students and activists characterise our scenario as one among alienation from nature, yet this thought can simply appear meaningless or irrational. during this publication, Simon Hailwood seriously analyses the assumption of alienation from nature and argues that it may be an invaluable concept whilst understood pluralistically. He distinguishes various senses of alienation from nature referring to assorted environmental contexts and matters, and attracts upon quite a number philosophical and environmental principles and issues together with pragmatism, eco-phenomenology, weather swap, ecological justice, Marxism and important thought. His novel standpoint exhibits that varied environmental matters - either anthropocentric either anthropocentric and nonanthropocentric - can dovetail, instead of compete with, one another, and that our alienation from nature don't need to be whatever to be regretted or conquer. His ebook will curiosity a vast readership in environmental philosophy and ethics, political philosophy, geography and environmental experiences.

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This might take a number of different forms, for example, a tendency to view humanity, or the ‘highest’ element of humanity, as apart from, rather than a part of nature, as when we understand ourselves as something like Platonic or Cartesian souls (cf.  44f). I develop such a line of thought further in Chapter 6. , the basic amount) and no more: it is good only insofar as it is necessary. As I have said, I question the negative connotation of estrangement from nonhuman nature more emphatically than this, while keeping the default negative view of estrangement from the natural world.

The environmental crisis suggests we are not coping too well and might not have quite the right intellectual tools. It is unsurprising then that much philosophizing about the environment at least partly takes the form of examining philosophical assumptions, moves and concepts as more or less useful tools for coping with the world as environment. Neil Evernden, for example, follows Schumacher in talking of such intellectual products as inherited ‘societal maps’ that are more or less useful guides to negotiating the world.

18 Alienations and natures In Chapter 4 I shall argue that this is not at all trivial once one thinks in terms of matters of degree and drops the assumption that alienation as estrangement is always to be overcome as much as possible. Living with some estrangement from nonhuman nature, rather than seeking always to overcome it, then becomes equivalent to resisting what some call the ‘domination’ or ‘mastery’ of nature. Available ways of filling this out include theories of ecological justice and other nonanthropocentric environmental approaches concerned to avoid excessive anthropogenic destruction of nonhuman nature.

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