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By Blasi, J., Anthony J. Blasi

First ever choice of histories of yankee sociology of faith, together with money owed of early dissertations adjustments in idea, and experiences of denominations, globalization, feminism, new religions and Latino/a American faith.

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1912. Community Study for Cities: A Practical Scheme for the Investigation of the Problems of the Large Town or City Ward from the Point of View of the Church and Its Work. New York: Missionary Education Movement. Woofter, Thomas Jackson. 1928. Negro Problems in Cities. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran. CHAPTER TWO THE THEORETICAL TRAJECTORY Doyle Paul Johnson The sociology of religion can readily be traced back to the origins of sociology itself as a distinct discipline in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

If the totals differed greatly, he made a third count. If the two Sundays differed, he again accepted the higher count. He estimated that one-in-ten Protestants attended Sunday morning services, and one-in-eight attended Sunday evening services. He collected data on people who had to work on Sundays, Ànding rather high totals. He also noted that some did not attend for lack of formal attire, and that many were in too poor health to attend services. There were also those who did not wish to attend, but rather read the Sunday paper, went on excursions out of town, or spent Sunday in social clubs or country clubs.

He lists information to be obtained about the locality itself—its resources, schools, organizations, etc. In addition, he lists secondary sources where further information may be had. Carroll discusses the advantages, limitations, and uses of personal investigation, the obtaining of estimates from correspondents, schedules 22 anthony j. blasi to be Àlled out by informants, and schedules for use by canvassers. , people’s denominations, reasons for non-attendance, nationalities) and how to organize card Àles of information about households.

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