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By Georges Ory

Translation of examine des origines chrétiennes

Translated by way of Paul Davidson

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Imagination made up for ignorance, and after being son of God and then son of the Holy Spirit, Jesus became son of Joseph and, in any event, Messiah and Son of David. When these innovations were incorporated into the Gospels, they had to be explained to Greek-speaking Christians who didn’t understand. 35) had made Jesus the lamb of God. This was not accepted without debate, as other “copyists” had Jesus himself protest it. 30) and rejected Davidic ancestry (Matt. 35–37). Contemporaries knew that the house of David had disappeared.

3) cited by Goguel (La Naiss. , p. 211, n. 4) provides an original text which speaks of Christians and Jews who confess Christ; thus, these Jewish “Christ-ians” were not Christians, being that a distinction is made. 34 applied to diverse sects. 41 During this time, the only knowledge that pagans had so far of the name Jesus came from Gnostic sects that adopted as their god around the year 115. Jesus the man was completely unknown. The silence or gullibility of historians Are we to think that the Jewish historians, like the pagan writers, were redacted by Imperial censorship, by the rabbis, and by the Church Fathers in all things concerning the Messiah Jesus?

32 relied on Tacitus, did not read this passage in the works that had before him. Two centuries after the alleged event, Lanctantius, Origen, Eusebius, and Jerome suggest that Peter and Paul were victims of Nero’s fury (which is far from being an established fact), but they have no idea regarding the accusation made against the Christians, that they had set fire to Rome; nor to the multitude of the faithful who were thrown to the flames. Around 400, Sulpicius Severus repeated the comments of Tacitus on the Christians and on the fire of Rome, but later writers are unaware of it, including these particular remarks.

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