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By Thomas Inman

1915. Christians suppose that they've a divine monopoly on fact. they don't. This publication irrefutably indicates how a lot of Christianity's symbols are from some distance prior ''pagan'' assets. This publication doesn't disparage Christianity yet offers a connecting hyperlink for what has been a continuing resource of symbolic wisdom passed all the way down to us from the ancients. a number of illustrations.

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The Faces of the Goddess

The assumption that the earliest people worshipped a sovereign, nurturing, maternal earth goddess is a well-liked one. it's been taken up as truth by means of the media, who oftentimes depict glossy goddess-worshippers as "reviving" the traditional religions of our ancestors. Feminist students contend that, within the primordial religions, the good mom was once commemorated because the basic, artistic strength, giving delivery to the area, granting fertility to either plants and people, and ruling ideally suited over her relatives pantheon.

From Yoga to Kabbalah: Religious Exoticism and the Logics of Bricolage

Non secular exoticism implies a deeply ambivalent dating to otherness and to faith itself: conventional non secular teachings are uprooted and fragmented for you to be appropriated as functional equipment for private development. Western modern societies have obvious the big popularization of such "exotic" spiritual assets as yoga and meditation, Shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Kabbalah.

The Orthodox Church in the Arab World, 700-1700: An Anthology of Sources

Arabic used to be one of the first languages during which the Gospel was once preached. The ebook of Acts mentions Arabs as being current on the first Pentecost in Jerusalem, the place they heard the Christian message of their local tongue. Christian literature in Arabic is a minimum of 1,300 years previous, the oldest surviving texts relationship from the eighth century.

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This assortment addresses key matters within the critique of Eurocentrism and racism relating to debates at the creation of information, ancient narratives and thoughts in Europe and the Americas. members discover the historical past of liberation politics in addition to educational and political response via formulation of lodging that re-centre the West.

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It is the reverse of a bronze coin of Vespasian, struck in the 6 island of Cyprus, and represents the conical stone, under whose form Venus was worshipped at Paphos, of which Tacitus remarks, Hist. , c. 3, “the statue bears no resemblance to the human form, but is round, broad at one end and gradually tapering at the other, like a goal. ” It is remarkable that a male emblem should be said to represent Venus, but the stone was an aërolite, like that which fell at Ephesus, and was said to represent Diana.

Figs. 2, 3, are from Pugin, plate xiv. In figure 2, the two covered balls at the base of each limb of the cross are extremely significant, and if the artist had not mystified the free end, the most obtuse worshipper must have recognised the symbol. We may add here that in the two forms of the Maltese cross, the position of the lingam is reversed, and the egg-shaped bodies, with their cover, are at the free end of each limb, whilst the natural end of the organ is left unchanged. See figs. 35 and 36.

17. Athanasius tells us something of this as regards the Phœnicians, for he says, (Oratio Contr. , p. , c. iii. p. 8—and notices that an enormous number of women were consecrated to the use of worshippers in the temple of Venus at Corinth. Such women exist in India, and the priests of certain temples do everything in their power to select the loveliest of the sex, and to educate them so highly as to be attractive. xxxiii The customs which existed in other places seem to have been known in Jerusalem, as we find in 1 Kings xiv.

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