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By Tsutomu Oyama M. D. (auth.)

Endocrinology is a quickly constructing box with many new techniques. additionally, many new hormones were defined when you consider that 1960. The structural research and synthesis of numerous intestinal hormones reminiscent of gastrin, secretin, glucagon and cholecystokinin were accomplished. a number of hypothalamic hormones controlling pituitary functionality were pointed out and every now and then synthesized. The life of hormonal peptides se­ creted from ectopic websites has been famous. the improvement of recent suggestions of hormone assay has motivated stories at the results of anesthetics at the endocrine method. even if the endocrine reaction to anesthesia is under its reaction to significant surgeries, the results of anesthesia on metabolism and at the autonomie anxious method are great. the first goal of this publication is to extend the security of sufferers present process anesthesia through making on hand the newest advancements during this box. the most important matters tested within the booklet are endocrine responses to anesthesia and surgical procedure, the results of endocrine disorder on anesthesia and sur­ gery, and pre-operative and post-operative administration of sufferers with endocrine sickness. The booklet is designed for college students, citizens and training physicians within the box of anesthesia and surgical procedure. Many tables and figures are empIoyed to enhance the presentation, particuIarly these when it comes to pharmacology and to the sensible features of therapy.

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Transport of Adrenal Steroids Daily secretion rates of the major adrenal steroids in man are cortisol, 15 mg; and aldosterone, 50-200 flg (depending on the sodium balance). Cortisol is bound in the circulation to an IX-globulin called corticosteroidbinding globulin (CBG) or transcortin. There is also a minor degree ofbinding to albumin. The half-life of cortisol in the circulation is ab out 60-90 min. Bound steroids appear to be physiologically inactive and act as a reservoir for the free forms [5, 7, 23].

A) Anemia A moderate normocytic and normochromic anemia reflecting bone marrow hypofunction is common in hypopituitarism. Secondary hypothyroidism may contribute to the anemia of hypopituitarism. Long-term hypothyroidism alone also causes decreased red cell production and a mild anemia in man. b) Cardiovaseular System Bradycardia and hypotension are commonly observed. Occasionally ECG patterns are found showing low P and QRS amplitudes, and flattening or inversion of the T wave. Inadequate adrenocorticosteriods result in a reduced cardiac output and a lowered arterial blood pressure.

SCHWARTZ cl al. ): McGraw-Hill, 1969) (3) Cardiovascular etfects. Cortisol is essential for maintaining the normal carcliovascular response to stress. (4) Bone metabolism. Cortisol in pharmacologic doses impedes the development of cartilage, leading to a thinning of the epiphysial plate and interruption of growth. (5) Anti-inflammatory etfects. Cortisol inhibits hypersensitivity reactions to antigen-antibody complexes. It also interferes with the intracellular synthesis of histamine, and stabilizes lysosomal membranes.

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