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By Christina Thomsen Thornqvist

This is often the 1st severe version of the earliest identified Latin statement on Aristotle s Prior Analytics, the Anonymus Aurelianensis III. as well as the severe textual content, Christina Thomsen Thornqvist s version incorporates a comparative research of the nameless observation and the extant Greek commentaries in addition to an entire comparability among Boethius translation and the interpretation utilized by the commentator. The variation presents a pretty good beginning for additional examine at the earliest medieval exegesis at the Prior Analytics and is an important source for any pupil who desires to study extra in regards to the improvement of good judgment quite often and the medieval reception of Aristotelian syllogistic in particular."

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3–14. continuatiuus = συνεχής; for the Latin term, see Michael Frede, Die stoische Logik (Göttingen, 1974), p. , Stoicism: Traditions and Transformations (Cambridge, 2004), p. 118 (repr. in Ebbesen, Collected Essays, 1:69). 21 Potest etiam dici, quod syllogisticam propositionem hic describit, id est propositionem describit secundum quendam usum,22 quem habet in syllogizando, non ad syllogizandum. Ad syllogizandum enim sic praemittitur, ut sit interrogatio, sed habitis concessionibus respondentis interrogata debent resumi affirmando uel negando, ut ex eis concludatur.

Et sub idem iudicium cadere dicit conuersionem necessariarum et simplicium. Quod non uidetur; licet enim uera sit ‘Omne album esse corpus est necesse’, non 20 tamen uera est ‘Quoddam corpus esse album est necesse’ et similiter in similibus. Ad quod dico modales propositiones, si secundum figuram et modum in syllogismis ponantur, totum iudicium sumere ex simplicibus. 67 Simplices autem aut fiunt de materia necessaria aut de contingenti et materia quidem propositionum uocantur earum termini. m. m.

O 26 haec] lectio incerta, fort. hoc O aAr. 25a16: εἰ γάρ τινι. Flor. 15: nam si alicui. Carn. ’ Sed si nullum A est B, ⟨nullum B⟩ est A. Quare uerae sunt simul duae contradictoriae 5 ‘Quoddam B est A’ ⟨et⟩ ‘Nullum B est A’, quod est inconueniens. 25a27 rum, quae sunt de inesse, transit ad necessarias et contingentes. Et primo de necessariis agit eodem ordine, quo de simplicibus egerat, scilicet primo ostendens conuersionem uniuersalium, inde particularium. Et sub idem iudicium cadere dicit conuersionem necessariarum et simplicium.

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