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By William Morton Wheeler

I am unable to suggest any basic textual content approximately ants as an alternative for Wheeler's 1910 vintage "Ants - Their constitution, improvement and behavior." real, there are Wilson's "Social bugs" and Hölldobler and Wilson's "Ants," yet Wheeler remains to be the vintage in English. the unique 1910 quantity was once reprinted in 1926 and 1960. fortunately for us, The Biodiversity history Library has permission from Columbia collage Press to distribute a unfastened digital replica on the net. different mrymecological works, actually so much, through Wheeler can be found from antbase. Get your self a hand lens and 2 forceps. Ants are the place it really is at.

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This is best seen in their this practically confines them to a extreme sensitiveness to light, for subterranean existence and excludes them from many of the influences afforded by a more varied and illu- minated environment. There can be little doubt that the ants have become dominant through which Espinas (1877) was, I their exquisitely terrestrial habits, a fact believe, one of the first to notice. riority to their terrestrial life. but consider medium says: "Ants owe may seem their supe- paradoxical, the to the with an aerial He This assertion exceptional advantages afforded by a terrestrial development of their intellectual faculties, compared medium!

Stigma, belonging to the , dominal segment, ,. , the .... is distinctly The first ab- seen on the side of the epinotum. the thorax is constructed on the same In the female ant Fig. 8, A plan as that of the male, but is more robust and lacks the Mayrian ) ( furrow, which is also absent in the males of many genera. The males and females of most species, however, exhibit a greater simplification of the pleural region of the thorax, owing to the fusion of the epimera and episterna with each other and often also with the sterna in the meso- and metathorax, and a very intimate fusion of the epinotum with the latter segment.

Which, of course, is serially homologous with the mesonotum, very narrow antero-posteriorly and separated from the a large, unpaired, semi-circular element, the scutellum. is mesonotum by Between the scute-Hum and metanotum, a small piece, the metaparapteron, or postis intercalated on each side. The hind-wing is inserted scutellum, between this metaparapteron and the metepimeron. The epinotum. which, as we have seen, is morphologically the abdominal segment, is large and convex and in many ants furnished with first It is pair of stout spines or teeth.

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