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By Fangming Jin

This bookreviews the new advances in hydrothermal conversion of biomass into chemical compounds and fuels, and includes 15 chapters. It introduces the homes of high-temperature water, the benefits of hydrothermal conversion of biomass, and a few novel hydrothermal conversion approaches, customarily together with hydrothermal creation of value-added items, hydrothermal gasification, hydrothermal liquefaction and hydrothermal carbonization. This publication introduces a brand new inspiration for counteracting the imbalance within the carbon cycle, that's attributable to the swift intake of fossil fuels in anthropogenic actions together with the sluggish formation of fossil fuels. for that reason, the e-book comes in handy in conveying a basic realizing of hydrothermal conversion of biomass within the carbon cycle in order that a contribution will be made to reaching sustainable strength and surroundings. it's also attention-grabbing to a large readership in quite a few fields together with chemical, geologic and environmental technology and engineering.

Fangming Jin is a individual Professor on the college of Environmental technology & Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong collage, China

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4, glycolic acid, lactic acid, formic acid, and acetic acid have been detected in the presence of CuO. As illustrated in Fig. 0 %. The conversion of glucose was above 99 %, thus, the yield almost equals the selectivity. 6 % and no formation of lactic acid was observed. This result suggests that CuO had a promotion 38 Y. Wang et al. Fig. 3 Schematic diagram of reactors used. a Batch rector 1: photo and its heating time profile, reproduced from Ref. [49] by permission of John Wiley & Sons Ltd; b Batch reactor 2, reprinted with permission from Ref.

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