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By Soliman Demir

Arab improvement cash within the center East information the actions of Arab improvement cash in selling fiscal cooperation and improvement in the Arab zone.
The identify analyzes the efforts the Arab improvement cash, quite how they cooperate to advertise local improvement. each one bankruptcy of the textual content info the administration, rules, and operations of the Arab improvement cash. The money lined are Kuwait fund, Abu Dhabi fund, and the Arab fund.
The ebook could be of serious curiosity to people who have a willing curiosity at the socio-economic improvement of the Arab quarter.

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P. 102 20 ARAB DEVELOPMENT FUNDS the fund management has over its operations. Since critical policies and decisions can be checked by the chairman of the board, there is no need for interference in the fund's operations by other organs of the government. The absence of direct interference in the fund's operations has helped the fund to maintain a commitment to high standards of professional performance. There is a definite attempt to adhere to sound procedures in investigating loan applications and in appraising development projects.

11) Such an explanation may give the impression t h a t an integrated development strategy exists in the fund's work. The concentration on infrastructure projects, however, did not result from an extensive debate of policy alternatives and does not formulate an identifiable development strategy for the Abu Dhabi Fund. Infrastructure projects a r e the traditional area for development financing by most international lending agencies. Until a few years ago, the World Bank group emphasized infrastructure as the favored sector for its lending.

Administration Dept. Finance Dept. Projects Dept. Programs Dept. Intercountry Programs FIG. 1. 2. STAFF COMPOSITION OF THE ARAB FUND* Actual Staff ProfesGeneral sionals Services Budgeted Staff ProfesGeneral sionals Services Office of the President 1 2 1 2 Programs D e p a r t m e n t 9 10 11 8 Projects D e p a r t m e n t 10 4 11 8 Finance D e p a r t m e n t 3 15 3 13 Legal D e p a r t m e n t 4 2 4 3 Administration D e p a r t m e n t 3 11 3 13 Internal Audit 0 0 1 2 Total (end 1975) 30 44 34 49 Total (end 1976) 40 62 45 62 Total (Sept.

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