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62. TYAGI SC, KUMAR S, CASSATT S, PARKER JL. Temporal expression of extracellular matrix metalloproteinases and tissue plasminogen activator in the development of collateral vessels in the canine model of coronary occlusion. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 1996;74::983-95. 63. REIDY M, IRVIN C, LINDNER V. Migration of arterial wall cells: Expression of plasminogen activators and inhibitors in injured rat arteries. Circ Res. 1996;78:405-414. 64. HASENSTAB D, FOROUGH R, CLOWES AW. Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 and tissue inhibitor of metallo proteinases-2 increase after arterial injury in rats.

4a) Top: Adhesion of a monocyte (Mono) to an endothelial cell of a collateral vessel. A neutrophil (Neutro) is adhering to the monocyte. 4b) Prominent endothelial cells‚ damaged SMCs without basement membrane and two smaller lymphocytes (Ly) are present in a disorganized intimal layer of a growing collateral vessel. 4c) Infiltration of a monocyte into the intima between prominent endothelial cells and the fragmented IEL. Structural Remodeling during Growth of Collateral Vessels 27 Adhesion and immigration of mononuclear cells Mononuclear cells are seen to adhere to the endothelium in growing collateral vessels.

Review: The cytoskeletal lattice of muscle cells. Eur J Biochem. 1992;208:559-572. 28. MATTHEW JD‚ KHROMOV AS‚ MCDUFFIE MJ‚ SOMLYO AP‚ TANIGUCHI S‚ TAKAHASHI K. Contractile properties and proteins of smooth muscles of a calponin knockout mouse. J Physiol. 2000;529:811-24 29. TAKAHASHI K‚ TAKAGI M‚ OGHAMI K‚ NAKAI M‚ KOJIMA A‚ NADALL-GINARD B‚ SHIBATA N. Inhibition of smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation caused by transfection of the human calponin gene is associated with enhanced cell matrix adhesion and reduced PDGF responsiveness.

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