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This can be a accomplished and primary type overview of approximately all very important and primary advancements of artifiical cells by way of the nestor of this department in utilized biomedial technology himself. This "bible" is key analyzing for either rookies and the skilled specialist. Chang wrote a great and stimulating evaluate over 50 years of man-made mobile study and improvement and purposes.

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2006). , 2004). Compared with donor red blood cells, nanobiotechnology-based polyHb is not a complete red blood cell substitute. It is only an oxygen carrier. Furthermore, its circulation half-time of about one day is much lower than that of donor rbc. 4). ch03 FA April 3, 2007 16:34 SPI-B446 Artificial Cells: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Blood Substitutes, Regenerative... 2 Comparing Four Types of Modified Hb Type Method of Preparation Notes PolyHb based on Glutaraldehyde is the These PolyHbs with unpolymerized Hb removed do not cross the nanobiotechnology bifunctional agent intercellular junction of the being used to endothelial cell lining of blood crosslink Hb vessels to remove nitric oxide; as a intermolecularly to form soluble PolyHb result, they do not have adverse vasopressor effects.

11. Other Systems As suggested earlier (Chang 1974, 1965, 1972a), the general principles of artificial cells could be explored as follows. Artificial cells containing radioactive isotopes or antimetabolites might be used for intraarterial injection into tumors. In this case, some of the microcapsules might lodge at the tumor site, while others would be carried by lymphatic channels to act on tumor cells that have metastasized to the regional lymph nodes. Artificial cells containing radiopaque material would provide a contrast medium.

2003) (Fig. 3). ch02 FA April 2, 2007 12:8 SPI-B446 Artificial Cells: Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Blood Substitutes, Regenerative... 4. Artificial Cells Containing Intracelluar Compartments Biological cells contain intracellular organelles. This allows separate compartments inside the cells to carry out specific functions more effectively. , 1966) Fig. 4. Upper : Artificial cells can be prepared with intracellular multicompartments. Lower : Artificial cells containing biologics can also contain magnetic material allowing artificial cells to be site directed.

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