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Schade et al. (1964) obtained similar results in their quantitative study on the growth of dendrites in the developing neocortex of the rabbit. Morest (1969a, 1969b) and Scheibel and Scheibel (1971), using the rapid Golgi and Golgi-Cox techniques, identified the points of growth of dendrites as local irregular swellings, often as large or larger than the cell body itself. These enlargements were called growth cones and were located at the tip, anywhere along the shaft, or at the base of the dendrites.

Neural cells may seek out and attach to fibers according to preexisting chemical affinities. c. Possible Mechanisms of Movement during Migration. Both the theories of Berry and Rogers and of Morest imply that nuclei may be transported by some intracellular mechanism, and thus microtubules and/or microfila­ ments may be involved. The role played by these latter structures in the movements of nuclei during the proliferative stage has already been dis­ cussed. The ideas of Berry and Rogers are contradicted by two observations.

Correlation between axon diameter and number of lamellae is, at first, poor, but good correlation is established within a few days (Matthews & Duncan, 1971; Samorajski & Friede, 1968; Seggie & Berry, 1972). The initial lack of a relationship may be associated with the presence of a large number of varicosities along immature axons, but as the axon diameter become more uniform, correlation with the number of lamellae becomes constant. When growth of the myelin sheath is com­ plete, the inner and outer tongues of the mesoaxon tend to lie opposite one another.

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