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By Carlo Carraro, Giovanni Favero, John Francis Phillimore

This is the 1st English translation of Benedetto Cotrugli's The publication of the paintings of Trade, a full of life account of the lifetime of a Mediterranean service provider within the Early Renaissance, written in 1458. The e-book is an impassioned safety of the legitimacy of mercantile practices, and contains the 1st scholarly point out of double-entry bookkeeping. Its 4 components concentration respectively on buying and selling recommendations, from accounting to assurance, the faith of the service provider, his public existence, and family members issues.

Originally handwritten, the ebook used to be published in 1573 in Venice in an abridged and revised model. This new translation makes connection with the recent severe variation, according to an past manuscript that has only in the near past been discovered.

With scholarly essays putting Cotrugli's paintings into old context and highlighting key topics, this quantity is a vital contribution to our realizing of the origins of administration and exchange practices.

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And the mind and the soul guide the body like an artist imposing due proportion on his works. And while I maintain that the body should be used to sustaining hard work I also say, as Aristotle reminds us in the second book of his Ethics, that all excess is dangerous: I am referring here to the excesses of those who have a powerful physique, who can sustain hard labour and Part 1: On the Origins and Principles of Trade 39 have indeed what goes beyond what is required of the merchant, who while he must certainly be able to work hard, none the less should not be a common porter, because generally those who are strongest and most robust are not those most gifted with intelligence.

This we know from shared experience and from two cases in particular, one being the use of simples, experimented in different ways and in different places, on different persons and at different times; by way of example we can take rhubarb, which is by nature always and everywhere a purger of choler: from many instances we can therefore arrive by induction at the universal axiom that all rhubarb expels choler. And I would say that the same holds true for the art of oratory, because before it was revealed as such, some men were by natural instinct so well versed in that art that they applied the rules pertaining to the constituent parts of an oration no less well than was the case after the art of oratory had been theorized, which arose out of natural practice, as can be seen in the well known instance of the Bosnians: these people by their very nature, without knowing the art of oratory and without any form of training in the discipline, exercise most wonderfully the art of speaking, which they possess by natural instinct.

And the lesson we can draw from this is that one gift a father can bestow on a son, at no cost to himself, is a good name; another is to rear him in a good area or in a good country; and a third to give him a good grounding in a profession, since, as they say: “Where there’s a craft, there’s a raft”. Do your business then with men whom nature has created with pleasing proportions: I am sure that Nature, just as she troubles to form well and in due proportion the principal organs, that is, according to the physicians, the heart and the brain, so she will see to it that the other members which depend on the above will be in proper proportion, unless they be damaged or distorted by some misfortune; in the same way, the opposite is true, that in those whose hearts are perverted by nature, cheating and sly, the other members will grow awry, crooked and out of true.

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