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Eighteen patients with mastocytosis having attacks sufficiently severe to cause syncope were studied (7). Thirteen of these were found to have levels of excretion of this metabolite that were substantially elevated even in intervals between episodes. In some patients the level of PGD-M was increased strikingly, up to as much as 150-fold above normal. Data in 3 patients indicates an increase in PGD2 excretion during severe flushing attacks. Of 13 patients with mastocytosis and recurrent episodes of syncope in whom it was possible to inhibit PGD2 production with high doses of aspirin together with the administration of antihistamines, all 13 have been rendered free of syncope and have had a reduction in the severity and frequency of their episodes of flushing.

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Figure 7 shows typical autoradiograms of gels of 125 I-labeled cross-linked receptor extracted from total cellular membranes with Triton X-100 and subjected to SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The major 125 I-labeled polypeptide that entered the gel has a molecular weight of 135,000 (Lane 1, Fig. 7) and corresponds in size to the insulin-binding component of the receptor described by others (24-26). In addition, another insulin-binding component(s) is evident at the top of the running gel.

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