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Fermentation items of basic metabolism equivalent to ethanol, acetic acid, and lactic acid have been the 1st advertisement items of the fermentation undefined, by means of citric acid and comparable items of fungal beginning. As high-volume/low-price items they nonetheless occupy best positions within the respective markets. numerous of those, in particular alcohols, have attracted extra awareness as attainable assets of different strength companies and chemical substances. This quantity describes concept and perform of creation of those commodities - from classical methods to most modern advancements - and in addition offers information at the proper uncooked fabrics. Futhermore, items relating to basic metabolism are handled during this volume.
subject matters integrated are: Sugar-Based/Starch-Based uncooked fabrics - Ethanol - Glycerol and different Polyols - Acetone, Butanol, Isopropanol - 2,3-Butanediol - Lactic Acid - Citric Acid - Gluconic Acid - additional natural Acids - Acetic Acid - PHB and different Polyhydroxyalkanoic Acids - Amino Acids - Nucleotides - Extracellular Polysaccharides - Biosurfactants

Chapter 1a Sugar?Based uncooked fabrics for Fermentation functions (pages 4–29): Eberhard Stoppok and Klaus Buchholz
Chapter 1b Starch?Based uncooked fabrics for Fermentation functions (pages 31–46): Jean?Claude De Troostembergh
Chapter 2 uncooked fabric innovations – within your budget difficulties (pages 47–56): Friedrich Schneider and Horst Steinmuller
Chapter three Ethanol – Classical tools (pages 58–120): Thomas Senn and Hans Joachim Pieper
Chapter four Ethanol – power resource of power and Chemical items (pages 121–203): Naim Kosaric
Chapter five Microbial construction of Glycerol and different Polyols (pages 205–227): Hans?Jurgen Rehm
Chapter 6 Microbial construction of Acetone/Butanol/Isopropanol (pages 229–268): Peter Durre and Hubert Bahl
Chapter 7 Microbial creation of 2,3?Butanediol (pages 269–291): Ian S. Maddox
Chapter eight Lactic Acid (pages 293–306): Jan S. Kascak, Jiri Kominek and Max Roehr
Chapter nine Citric Acid (pages 307–345): Max Roehr, Christian P. Kubicek and Jiri Kominek
Chapter 10 Gluconic Acid (pages 347–362): Max Roehr, Christian P. Kubicek and Ji?ci Kominek
Chapter eleven additional natural Acids (pages 363–379): Max Roehr and Christian P. Kubicek
Chapter 12 Acetic Acid (pages 381–401): Heinrich Ebner, Sylvia Sellmer and Heinrich Follmann
Chapter thirteen PHB and different Polhydroxyalkanoic Acids (pages 403–464): Alexander Steinbuchel
Chapter 14a Amino Acids – Technical construction and Use (pages 465–502): W. Leuchtenberger
Chapter 14b Enzymology of Amino Acid creation (pages 503–560): Nobuyoshi Esaki, Shigeru Nakamori, Tatsuo Kurihara, Setsuo Furuyoshi and Kenji Soda
Chapter 15 Nucleotides and similar Compounds (pages 561–612): Akira Kuninaka
Chapter sixteen Extracellular Polysaccharides (pages 613–657): Ian W. Sutherland
Chapter 17 Biosurfactants (pages 659–717): Naim Kosaric

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TRESSL,R. (1979), Hemmwirkung von Nebenkomponenten der Rubenmelasse und von Pflanzenschutzmitteln auf die Atmung und Garung von Hefe, Branntweinwirtschafr 119, 154-163. 4 Commercial Manufacturers of Starch, Glucose Syrups and Derivatives for the Fermentation Industry 44 8 References 44 32 1b Starch-Based Raw Materials for Fermentation Applications starches are used in Europe, corn and cassava starches in Asia. Tab. 1 shows the typical composition of Starch is the most abundant storage carbo- plant raw materials used in starch production.

The reaction that might occur is most probably the so-called Maillard reaction between reducing sugars and nitrogen compounds which can result in a spontaneus destruction and explosion. It must be pointed out that heating of undiluted molasses must be performed under strict control of pH and temperature to avoid the exothermal Maillard reaction. For handling molasses a temperature of 40°C is recommended. At this temperature little or no destruction will occur, molasses is relatively stable and may also be stored for a limited time with constant temperature control.

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