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The Faces of the Goddess

The assumption that the earliest people worshipped a sovereign, nurturing, maternal earth goddess is a well-liked one. it's been taken up as truth through the media, who usually depict glossy goddess-worshippers as "reviving" the traditional religions of our ancestors. Feminist students contend that, within the primordial religions, the good mom was once commemorated because the fundamental, inventive strength, giving delivery to the realm, granting fertility to either vegetation and people, and ruling ideally suited over her family members pantheon.

From Yoga to Kabbalah: Religious Exoticism and the Logics of Bricolage

Spiritual exoticism implies a deeply ambivalent dating to otherness and to faith itself: conventional non secular teachings are uprooted and fragmented to be able to be appropriated as functional tools for private progress. Western modern societies have noticeable the large popularization of such "exotic" spiritual assets as yoga and meditation, Shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, and Kabbalah.

The Orthodox Church in the Arab World, 700-1700: An Anthology of Sources

Arabic was once one of the first languages within which the Gospel was once preached. The booklet of Acts mentions Arabs as being current on the first Pentecost in Jerusalem, the place they heard the Christian message of their local tongue. Christian literature in Arabic is no less than 1,300 years previous, the oldest surviving texts courting from the eighth century.

Eurocentrism, Racism and Knowledge: Debates on History and Power in Europe and the Americas

This assortment addresses key concerns within the critique of Eurocentrism and racism concerning debates at the creation of information, historic narratives and thoughts in Europe and the Americas. individuals discover the historical past of liberation politics in addition to educational and political response via formulation of lodging that re-centre the West.

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He said that Ella could not believe how big an atheist he had become: I believed that a man should do anything that he was slick enough, or bad and bold enough, to do and that a woman was nothing but another commodity. Every word I spoke was hip or profane. I would bet that my working vocabulary wasn’t two hundred words. 50 Now, when I try to separate that first year-plus that I spent at Charlestown, it runs all together in a memory of nutmeg and other semi-drugs, of cursing guards, throwing things out of my cell, balking in the lines, dropping my tray in the dining hall, refusing to answer my number— claiming I forgot it—and things like that.

Christian virtues lie. DeCaro takes Malcolm’s anxiety over the nature and existence of god, evidenced by his profane outbursts before Bimbi, as giving the lie to Malcolm’s atheistic self-description. Presumably, a genuine atheist is resolute, emotionally undivided and has no need to fight with god. Were this true, we would not be able to account for philosophical atheists who spill considerable ink questioning the existence, power, and moral attributes of god. Their compulsion to analyze in minute detail the nonexistence of god or question his attributes betrays its own anxieties.

I marry white culture, white beauty, white whiteness. When my restless hands caress those white breasts, they grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine. Frantz Fanon36 One of the curious aspects of the Autobiography is Malcolm’s obsession with white women, an obsession that he displaces quite frequently onto others. Malcolm loved white women or, rather, what they represented. With white women he experienced a kind of metamorphosis: the ugly, black caterpillar became a beautiful, white butterf ly; a crawling worm took f light.

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