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By Chi C.-Y., Feng C.-C., Chen C.-H., Chen C.-Y.

The absence of educating indications from many different types of transmission necessitates the frequent use of blind equalization and process identity. there were many algorithms constructed for those reasons, operating with one- or two-dimensional indications and with single-input single-output or multiple-input multiple-output, genuine or complicated structures. it really is now time for a unified remedy of this topic, mentioning the typical features of those algorithms in addition to studying from their varied views. "Blind Equalization and method identity" offers any such unified remedy offering concept, functionality research, simulation, implementation and functions. this can be a textbook for graduate classes in discrete-time random procedures, statistical sign processing, and blind equalization and procedure identity. It comprises fabric to be able to additionally curiosity researchers and engineers operating in electronic communications, resource separation, speech processing, and different, related functions.

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51) is only necessary, but not sufficient, for convergence, it cannot be used for convergence testing. An example using the divergence test is as follows. 24 (Geometric Series) ∞ The partial sum of the geometric series k=1 αrk can be expressed as n αrk = αr sn = k=1 1 − rn . 1−r If |r| < 1, then the geometric series converges with lim sn = n→∞ αr . 51), and thus the geometric series diverges. The following test is useful for testing the convergence of a real series. 25 (Integral Test). Suppose k=1 ak is a real series to be tested where ak ≥ 0 for all k.

E. 56). 56) and the 2 norm is known as an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space [14, p. 75]. As such, in what follows, the 2 space always refers to this Hilbert space for convenience. Moreover, for ease of later use, we restate the Cauchy–Schwartz inequality in terms of two-sided sequences as follows. 32 (Cauchy–Schwartz Inequality). Suppose {an }∞ n=−∞ and ∞ 2 {bn }∞ are real or complex nonzero sequences with |a | < ∞ and n=−∞ n=−∞ n ∞ 2 |b | < ∞. 58) n=−∞ and the equality holds if and only if an = αbn for all n where α = 0 is an arbitrary real or complex scalar.

70), convergence in the norm for the L2 [xL , xU ] space is also referred to as convergence in the mean-square (MS) sense. 4 Fourier Series Fourier series are of great importance in developing the theory of mathematical analysis, and have widespread applications in the areas of science and engineering such as signal representation and analysis in signal processing. Consider that f (x) is a periodic function with period 2π. 72) k=1 where ak and bk are given by ak = 1 π bk = 1 π π f (x) cos(kx)dx, k = 0, 1, 2, ...

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