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By R.L. Williams

The publication describes the recommendations that enabled botany, within the Eighteenth century, to end up an self sustaining technology, self reliant from drugs and herbalism. This encompassed the improvement of a competent approach for plant type and the discovery of a nomenclature that may be universally utilized and understood. the most important that enabled Linnaeus to plan his type approach was once the invention of the sexuality of vegetation. The e-book, that's meant for the knowledgeable normal reader, proceeds to demonstrate what number points of French existence have been permeated via this revolution in botany among approximately 1760 to 1815, a botanophilia occasionally inflated into botanomania. The reader should still emerge with a clearer figuring out of what the Enlightenment really used to be not like a few renowned second-hand principles today.

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Larson, Reason and Experience, pp. 68-69. 28-Botanophilia in I8th-Century France: The Spirit ofthe Enlightenment the male. 19 Linnaeus described the interaction of the cortex and the medulla to provide the development of all plant parts, from the cotyledons (the first leaves) to the pistils. Other than the pistil itself, which derives from the medulla, all other plant parts derive from the cortex, yet require a stimulation from the medulla in order to develop. Linnaeus suggested that all the plant parts of cortical origin (cotyledons, leaves, sepals, and stamens) are fundamentally similar, making them, in effect, secondary characters.

The king took a personal interest in the proceedings, and it is said that he found Bernard so simple and straightforward that he could talk to hirn in a familiar manner quite impossible for hirn ordinarily at court or ~ 1 Gustave-Adolphe Desjardins, Le Petit Trianon; histoire et description (Versailles: L. Bernard, 1885), pp. 8-19; Frans A. -L. ]ussieu's Genera plantarum (Weinheim: ]. Cramer, 1964), p. viii. 34-Botanophilia in I8th-Century France: The Spirit ofthe Enlightenment state functions.

In any case, archival records showed that it had been necessary to relocate the garden in 1761 during the construction of the chateaU. 11 As there are minor variations in the sequence of plant families, if one compares the sequence of 1759 as published later by Antoine-Laurent de Jussieu with the one published in 1764 by Duchesne, it may be fairly assumed that Duchesne's list reRected the 1761 replanting. It ~ , Augustin-Fran<;ois, baron de Silvestre, Notice biographique sur M. Ant. Nicolas Duchesne (Paris: Huzard, 1827), pp.

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