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By Harold R. Wanless, Jeffrey J. Dravis, Lenore P. Tedesco, Victor Rossinsky(auth.)

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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

The target of this box day trip is to distinction the depositional environments and sedimentary facies of 2 carbonate platform settings: the south Florida carbonate peninsula and Caicos Platform. In doing this, we won't merely distinction how physiographic surroundings and weather strongly impact shallow-marine carbonate sedimentation yet, whilst, current new replacement versions of Bahamian sedimentation with direct program to the translation and prediction of similar old carbonate facies and sequences.

In addition to containing a customary suite of Holocene sedimentary facies, Caicos Platform additionally indicates outstanding outcropping Pleistocene marine and non-marine sequences, offering an extraordinary chance to determine how glossy facies are preserved in 3 dimensions.

To let comparability of significant controls on shallow-marine carbonate sedimentation, this box day trip will commence via in short studying Holocene sedimentary environments and facies forming in south Florida below the effect of a non-oceanic, low-relief, shelf atmosphere and a wet weather.


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Although hurricanes can produce a variety of wind sequences, westward-moving storms tend to produce northerly winds prior to passage of the storm and southerly winds following storm passage. 9) Emergent Pleistocene topography forms a nearly T374: 26 PHYSIOGRAPHIC MAP OF CAICOS PLATFORM NORTH CAICOS N t ~ ISLANDS iI TIDAL FLAT II REEFAL RIDGES AND FLATS rki\tj MARINE SHOAL (~;{;J SUBTIDAL LEVEE ", ~~~~' PROTECTED LAGOON Ell SHALLOW SUBTIDAL o 10 20 I KM DEEPER SUBTIDAL FIGURE 25 Map of Caicos Platform physiographic elements with locations of some field stops.

East Coast of West Caicos. Stop #39. The eastern coast of West Caicos has a magnificent, broad oolitic sand beach (Figs. 35f and 61). Lloyd et ale (1987) radiocarbon dated the beach ooids and found them to date 620 YBP, younger than those in the adjacent offshore. They concluded these ooids formed in the wave swash zone. Indeed, the beach zone is well agitated during much of the year. Lloyd et ale (1987) argue that the sands could not have come from further out on the platform because the adjacent The extensive offshore is stabilized by seagrass beds.

25). sediment comprising this levee feature is rich in irregular ooids, grapestone and peloids, and is very similar in composition to the sediments of the platform interior. Peloidal packstones to grainstones dominate the northern portion of the platform interior adjacent to the tidal flats and islands (Fig. 34a and e). An irregular ooidjgrapestone grainstone dominates the Mid-Platform Shoal, the deeper Central Platform Trough and most of the Southern Margin Levee (Fig. Irregular ooids are those with irregular 34b, c, f-j).

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