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By Christian A. Van Gorder

This e-book specializes in the heritage of Christianity in Persia and the present-day courting that Muslims in Iran have taken towards humans of different religion traditions. The e-book presents a finished and readable creation to a desirable background with very important modern ramifications for interfaith and intercultural reports.

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27. The city of Hamadan, the summer capital of the Achaemenid Empire, in the foothills of the Zargos Mountains is home to a large Jewish community 18 CHAPTER 1 that claims even today that it was in Hamadan that the story of Esther took place. 28. There were occasional troubles in ancient Persia as in the theme of the story of Queen Esther and the evil vizier Haman. At times, certain Zoroastrian priests attacked Judaism. 29. Before coming to Iran, the Jews wrote or spoke little of the afterlife.

Martin’s Press, 1994, page 11. 8. M. Insurgency through Culture and Religion: The Islamic Revolution of Iran. New York: Praeger, 1988, page 13. Salehi’s argument notes INTRODUCING THE LAND OF PERSIA 15 that many of the sources of water in feudal times were under the control of those who had the wealth to maintain them. Land without water was not of much value, but irrigation networks forced people to work together and rely on the kindness of others. Further, skilled and trained workers were needed to maintain and annually repair these irrigation networks, and these requirements further made local populations beholden to those wealthy political elite who were able to maintain these effectively.

Dockerty, Paddy. The Khyber Pass: A History of Empire and Invasion. New York: University Square Press, 2008, page 34. While Alexander is the only person given this title, it is also used to describe Anga Mainyu, the hostile spirit who is the personification of evil and the eternal opposite of Ahura Mazda. 3. The historian Livius also writes about the ways that Alexander was scorned by Zoroastrians. INTRODUCING THE LAND OF PERSIA 19 37. E. E. (Curtis, 8). 38. Parthian kings fought Crassus, Mark Antony, and many other Roman leaders.

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