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Provided listed below are the main up to date examine findings of best foreign scientists within the box of getting older. The accrued information explores the organic, clinical, and chemical implications and the most recent pondering at the position of proto-oncogenes and their courting to mobilephone improvement and deterioration in amphibians, the function of the eukaryotic telephone cycle, and the position of proto-oncogenes in differentiation and improvement.


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They were affinity purified on columns of the immobilized peptide and used at the dilutions shown. Immunoreactive bands were visualized by peroxidaselabelled anti-sheep antibodies. There are no mus-related antigens found in the parent line; a single major band is found in the C3 line. This band can be cross-linked to radioactive angiotensin, and corresponds to the mus gene product. For comparison, no changes in immunoreactive proteins are seen in another oncoprotein, rus. or cell lines (Young et a1 1986).

We would like to d o the growth assays in a Swiss 3T3 cell background. We would like t o examine focus formation and tumorigenicity using the standard indicator cell, NIH/3T3. However, it seems that the mechanism of intracellular calcium discharge is independent of cell type and we see identical angiotensin-stimulated calcium increases when mas is expressed either stably or transiently in different cells. Norbury: I am rising to the cdc2 bait-have you any evidence for modifications, particularly changes in the phosphorylation state of the mas product, which might correlate with the ability of the cells to respond t o angiotensin?

Mas may be one of many potential examples of multifunctional peptide receptors, acting in different ways in different cellular or developmental contexts. If, as has been suggested (Hanley 1989), a11 forms of cell growth employ a common panel of genes, then mitogenic receptors and transforming genes expressed in a nondividing cell type, such as a cardiac myocyte or a neuron, may be co-opted to regulate other growth phenomena, such as somatic hypertrophy or nerve process extension. From this perspective, the mas gene product may have both developmental functions, in controlling neural cell proliferation and maturation, and differentiated functions, in regulating neuronal excitability and gene expression.

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