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By Shannon Kurt Brincat

A compelling three-volume exploration of the philosophical, social, and political elements of the speculation and perform of communism in the stipulations of 21st-century global politics and overdue capitalism.

• offers viewpoints from best Marxist philosophers, economists, and historians along these from specialists severe of communist rules to supply a balanced, different assortment on smooth communism

• Re-examines validated debates inside of communist and radical politics to teach how those discussions were reconfigured to how communism is at the moment located in global politics and will increase within the future

• Explores Marx's imaginative and prescient from quite a few interpretive backgrounds, together with the socialist, financial, humanist, cosmopolitan, post-modern, feminist, environmental, and cultural, to interact a large readership: scholars, lecturers, activists, and laypersons

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The Challenges of the Past and the Present focuses on the litany of challenges facing existing communist movements, parties, and states. These challenges are shown to be many and considerable. From the bitter losses of past revolutionary moments to the horrors of failed experiments that continue to resonate, the communist tradition remains mired in a damming, bloody past. The two great bastions of the radical Left, anarchism and communism, remain divided into two hostile camps, as they have been since the demise of the First International.

Many socialist parties have abandoned significant dimensions of the socialist project, and their connection to communism may be considered dubious. At the same time, the different periods and conditions of each example are not xlii Introduction distinguished or compared as against wider changes in the global context, ideological shifts or concrete reforms. It is impossible —due to space restrictions—for this volume to offer consistent comparative analysis of each historic period, the general contradictory features of past experiments of Real Socialism, or the nuances and unique conditions of each movement in question.

Secondly, socialist ideals could be made concrete through the reform of state institutions and the improvement of public services (particularly education and health care). Thirdly, Vasavakul looks to the development of socialist democratic spaces, particularly increased roles for popular organizations and the development of grassroots democracy, which may bring about better quality in governance. Finally, socialist ideals may reemerge as Vietnam rethinks post-central planning ideological and cultural values that turned away from the egalitarianism and anti-exploitation ideology of the DRV during the war of national liberation, to one of political patronage networks under doi moi.

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