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By Felix Guattari

Politics after the autumn.

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We inevitably return to the point: the ultimate "reason" of capitalism and! or socialism is its impossible tendency toward a sole paradigm: that of a passion to abolish everything which is not in accord with maintaining its power. But this passion also threatens instrumental reason itself, from inside. In effect, the will towards exclusion and segregation in Integrated World Capitalism tends to turn against itself, by threatening the consistency of its own systems of political communication and reducing to near zero its ability to objectively gauge relations of force.

The '70s were thus marked by the continuous emergence of moments of rupture punctuating the capitalist and/or socialist attempts at restructuration, all of which are characterized by new subjective problematics and by a special collective effort to redefine their perspective. From 1977 in Italy to the "Great Break" in Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Holland), from the Iranian revolution to the period of Solidarity, to the renewal of revolutionary struggles in Central America, to the enormously important liberation movements that are beginning to erupt in the Southern Cone...

Their multi-functional and uniquely characterized articulation of the singularities which constitute them imply that 104 FEUX GUATFABI & TOM NEGRI the form of these machines no longer repeats the centralist project and no longer retains the illusion of filtering democracy through centralist structures. One always finds in pseudo-democratic centralism a traced copy of statist models. In it, the repressive and bureaucratic characteristics of the State of Richelieu, Robespierre, and Rothschild are replayed and illusorily reversed.

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