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Серия рассказов и вопросов к ним для проверки понимания английских текстов. В данной книге находятся истории всемирно известных компаний - МсDonalds, Amazon.com и других.

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Handbook of Gender Research in Psychology: Volume 2: Gender Research in Social and Applied Psychology

The learn of gender and gender roles has made major advances because the Sixties, and this is often rather glaring within the components of social and utilized psychology. quantity 2 of the guide of Gender study in Psychology specializes in those facets of psychology, acknowledging the power of the sphere and reviewing theories and findings from around the specialties, together with many outdoors conventional components of gender examine.

Pathways into the Jungian World: Phenomenology and Analytical Psychology

In Pathways into the Jungian global individuals from the disciplines of medication, psychology and philosophy examine the relevant problems with commonality and distinction among phenomenology and analytical psychology. the most important subject of the e-book is how existential phenomenology and analytical psychology were keen on an analogous primary cultural and healing undertaking - either legitimize the subtlety, complexity and intensity of expertise in an age whilst the that means of expertise has been deserted to the dictates of pharmaceutical know-how, economics and scientific psychiatry.

Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior , Twelfth Edition (with Concept Maps and Reviews)

Co-written by means of an writer who garners extra accolades and rave reports from teachers and scholars with every one succeeding variation, advent TO PSYCHOLOGY: GATEWAYS TO brain and behaviour, 12th variation draws and holds the eye of even difficult-to-reach scholars. The 12th Edition's hallmark is still its pioneering integration of the proven-effective SQ4R studying process (Survey, query, learn, mirror, evaluate, Recite), which promotes serious considering because it courses scholars step by step to an realizing of psychology's huge recommendations and variety of issues.

Behavioral Consultation in Applied Settings: An Individual Guide

This guidebook has been built as a skill-training package deal to educate psychologists, counselors, social employees, and different utilized­ mental-health execs a version for the supply of behavioral interventions via a behavioral session procedure. This teach­ ing advisor is an abridged model of the abilities taught as a part of a behavioral session version.

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Company of the Month: Craze Marketing and the Crazy Frog Britain has been invaded by frogs, or, to be precise, Britain has been invaded by the Crazy Frog. The crazy frog is a digital animation, a ring tone for mobile telephones and also a hit record. Many people find the image and the sound very annoying. The catchy tune gets into your head and you can’t get rid of it. The Crazy Frog is everywhere! In the first three weeks of May, the Crazy Frog appeared on television 36,382 times, an unprecedented level of exposure.

All rights reserved. com 4) Read the text again carefully. Mark the statement true or false according to the ideas in the text. a) Since the globalisation of the food industry food is less expensive. T/F b) Our diet is more varied thanks to globalisation. T/F c) Our diet is more seasonal since globalisation. T/F d) Green vegetables were not scarce in spring and summer. T/F e) Fruit and root vegetables arrived later than green vegetables. T/F f) T/F In the past, people were better-nourished during the winter.

People could record songs from records, the radio or television and sales of records which had been very high in the 1960s and 70s began to decline. • The Walkman was the first of many popular technological developments from Japan . A later one was the Sony Betamax video system. Do you know or remember why it failed even though it was technically superior to the successful VHS system? Digital sound – another technology The music industry always welcomes a new format. New formats are a chance to sell new music players.

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