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Producer Prices: Relative to Border Prices and Eu Intervention Prices 1995 31 Table 11. Monthly Price Variation for Wheat 31 Table 12. Investment in Agriculture 33 Table 13. Number of Rural Land Transfers in Poland 35 Table 14. Indicators of Farm Income 39 Table 15. Producer and Consumer Subsidy Equivalents for Agriculture 39 Table 16. Characteristics of Rural and Urban Labor Forces 40 Figures Figure 1. Polish Farm Structure by Size 37 Figure 2. Re-Organisation of ARMA 50 Boxes Box 1. The Agricultural Marketing Agency 17 Box 2.

Publisher : World Bank isbn10 | asin : 0821341642 print isbn13 : 9780821341643 ebook isbn13 : 9780585255163 language : English subject Rural development--Poland, Agriculture--Economic aspects--Poland, Poland--Rural conditions. W57W66 no. 9438 subject : Rural development--Poland, Agriculture--Economic aspects--Poland, Poland--Rural conditions. Page i Competitiveness and Employment A Framework for Rural Development in Poland Garry Christensen Richard Lacroix WORLD BANK DISCUSSION PAPER NO. W. C. A.

While EU Accession has rightly been given a high profile, some fundamental issues have been neglected by the pre-occupation with aligning price policy. The lack of emphasis on policies and measures to increase efficiency and competitiveness is of particular concern. The alignment of subsidy policies and the associated role of state agencies has also been overlooked, even though these changes may ultimately prove more demanding. Page vii Acknowledgments This paper is the synthesis of Economic Sector Work to which substantial contributions have been made by: Tadeusz Hunek, Glenn.

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