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By Steven Leonard Jacobs

Confronting Genocide is the 1st selection of essays by means of well-known students basically within the box of spiritual reports to deal with this well timed subject. as well as theoretical considering either faith and genocide and the connection among the 2, those authors examine the tragedies of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, Rwanda, Bosnia, and the Sudan from their very own specific vantage aspect.

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The canonical legislation of the Church in the thirteenth century effected a systematic social degradation of the Jew . . the Church’s basic position was that the Jew should occupy no place of eminence or power in Christian society which would ever put him in a position of authority over a Christian, however modest. . 77 Clerical vituperation was already present in the laws of the Christian emperors. The Jews were referred to as a group hated by God, to be regarded by Christian society as contemptible and even demonic.

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There was also a demonization of Jews. They were presented as children of the devil, employed by Satan to combat Christianity, and accused of murdering Christian children, torturing the consecrated wafer, and poisoning wells. 79 Theological Warrants for Genocide: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity 21 The four centuries that followed were centuries of religious persecution in Europe with the systematic humiliation and degradation of Jews. Many Jewish communities were annihilated in large-scale massacres or decimated in pogroms.

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