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By David T. Schwartz

David T. Schwartz presents the main distinct philosophical exploration to this point on shopper ethics.

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22 So while we are unleashing geometrically greater amounts of carbon dioxide, every molecule of emitted methane exerts a twentyfold greater effect on the greenhouse effect than a molecule of carbon dioxide. 23 Wrongdoing in Product Marketing While ethical concerns over production methods may be old news to some, fewer readers may be aware of ethical concerns that can arise dur- CAVEAT EMPTOR? 29 ing product marketing. ” The Joe Camel case is instructive because it hits a nerve with so many people, precisely because it involves not one but two distinct ethical issues related to product marketing.

Perhaps if there is now an added push toward boundary testing, it stems from something Plato never encountered—a post-Enlightenment, cosmopolitan worldview that essentially deifies free speech and vilifies censorship. Yet whatever its sociological or intellectual roots, the popularity and economic clout of the retail music market make it an important aspect of a consumer ethic. And like so many aspects of consumer ethics, a significant ethical issue with one product often has ripple effects on all products of that type.

There also are significant point-source emissions from heavy industries producing everything from steel to paper. 13 Perfluorochemicals are essential to several popular consumer products, including Teflon nonstick cookware, Gore-Tex water-repellant clothing, Scotchguard fabric sealer, and water-resistant cardboard packaging. S. , Dupont and other manufacturers have voluntarily agreed to remove perfluorooctanoic acid from the production of Teflon by the year 2015). While these changes are no doubt positive steps, the damage from perfluorochemicals may yet be seen, as the compounds have been found both in human blood and in community water supplies.

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