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By Klaus Oswatitsch (auth.), Wilhelm Schneider, Max Platzer (eds.)

Ever due to the fact aircraft speeds began to strategy the rate of sound, the examine of compressible stream difficulties attracted a lot expertise and aid within the significant indus­ trialized nations. this present day, fuel dynamics is a mature department of technology whose many facets and purposes are a lot too a number of to be mastered via a unmarried individual or to be defined in a number of volumes. This booklet commemorates the seventieth birthday of an exceptional pioneer and instructor of gasoline dynamics, Dr. Klaus Oswatitsch, Professor of Fluid Mechanics on the Technical college of Vienna and previous Director of the Institute for Theoretical gasoline Dyna­ mics, Deutsche Forschungs-und Versuchsanstalt fUr Luft-und Raumfahrt. numerous purposes encouraged us to organize an English translation of Oswatitsch's chosen sci­ entific papers. First, we are hoping e-book containing his significant papers can be wel­ come as a beneficial reference textual content in fuel dynamics. Oswatitsch's paintings is often utilized in the literature in a single shape or one other, however it is generally rather time-consuming for the English conversing reader to refer to the unique texts. accordingly, connection with and figuring out of his papers is frequently incomplete. for instance, Oswatitsch's formula of the equivalence rule rarely is quoted in fresh textbooks, al­ although it preceded declassification of Whitcomb's effects by way of numerous years. additional­ extra, his papers include a lot details, which has no longer but been totally preferred within the Anglo-American literature.

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Keune: Die ebene Potentialstromung urn allgemeine dicke Tragfliigelprofile. Jahrbuch 1938 der Deutschen Luftfahrtforschung. pp. 13-126. - English translation: Two-dimensional potential flow past an ordinary thick wing profile. NACA TM 1023 (1942). [4) G. Lyra: Theorie der stationaren Leewellen-Stromung in freier Atmosphare. Z. angew. Math. Mech. 23 (1943), pp. 1-28. [5) R. T. Jones: Properties of low-aspect-ratio pointed wings at speeds below and above the speed of sound. NACA Rep. 834 (1946). [6) G.

H. E. Sobieczky: Exakte Losungen der ebenen gasdynamischen Gleichungen in Schallnahe. Diss. H. Wien, 1969. A. Glaninger: Stationare, ebene, inkompressible und kompressible Stromung urn stumpfe Profile. Diss. H. Wien, 1971. [19) [20) 40 About Vorticity Numbers and Vorticity Measures *) Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Henry Gortler on the occasion of his 60th birthday 1 Introduction We designate as the vorticity number a dimensionless number formed with the vorticity strength, such as in Eq. (6). Moreover, it ordinarily contains a reference length and a reference velocity.

3) is not valid at large distances, one has to be careful with imposing the condition that all disturbances vanish at infmity. Eq. 3) determines only up to an initially unknown additive function: = L (x, y, z) +f(x). 3) in a cross sectional plane x =const, and is therefore called cross flow solution, while f determines the effect of the other cross sections and represents the three dimensional influence [8], [10]. It is easy to show that for the lifting problem f(x) = 0, which results in the theories of M.

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