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Com 30 Click on the ad to read more The principles of corporate governance Corporate Governance and International Business • Ensuring efficient risk management • Providing an early warning system against all risk • Ensuring a responsive and accountable corporation • Describing the role of a firm’s units • Developing control and internal auditing • Keeping a balance between economic and social benefit • Ensuring efficient use of resources • Controlling performance • Distributing responsibility fairly • Producing all necessary information for stakeholders • Keeping the board independent from management • Facilitating sustainable performance As can be seen, all of these issues have many ramifications and ensuring their compliance must be thought of as a long term procedure.

This is actually a report named Our Common Future which was produced by the World Commission on Environment and Development. It is generally known however as the Brundtland Report after the commission chair. Strictly speaking the Brundtland Report was concerned with sustainable development which they regarded as unquestionningly both possible and desirable. Their definition of sustainability starts from the premise that if resources are utilised in the present then they are no longer available for use in the future.

On the other hand, research into the relationship between specific corporate governance controls and the financial performance of companies has had very mixed results. 7 Governance and stakeholders A company’s structure is nowadays more complex than before and there are other people, in addition to owners, directly or indirectly implied in the company’s operations – known as stakeholders. Multinational corporations have sometimes even more power than governments in their influence, and stakeholders have gained more power through the media and public opinion in order to require some kind of specific behaviour from companies.

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