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In addition to the fact that concrete and breeze-block managers can neither be moved or adjusted in height, they also present the disadvantage of preventing the installation of certain manure removal systems. Still, if breeze-block and reinforced concrete often meet with the approval of livestock raisers, it is because they can usually be used by fairly unskilled labour, and especially because the installation is a very sturdy one which can be amortized over a ten to twenty year period. Parpen is easily manufactured on the farm with a minimum of equipment and at relatively low cost.

Conventional stanchion stables often lack a feeding passage, and fodder has to be distributed with a pitchfork whilst moving about among the young cattle. This is disturbing to the animals. Where silage is used, the Housin g of CaHles 2S work is arduou s and can even be danger ous for the worke r. Moreo ver, the mange rs are not usually capacious enoug h and so must be filled severa l times a day. In contra st, loose housin g is so set up that fodder is emptie d directl y from the wheelb arrow or trailer into the mange r from outsid e the yard.

Obviously, what is needed is an average height 52 Dairy Farm Business Management applicable to both 100 kg cattle housed immediately after weaning and 450 kg young cattle ready to leave the housingslaughter for the males and breeding for the females. It is imperative to respect this standard. Anything higher would block the animals (especially the younger ones) at dewlap height, and would keep them from getting to the bottom of the trough-to the concentrates, for instance. Anything lower would be wrong because the animals grow in size and the ground level rises where deep litter is used.

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