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After the abductive association of the two objects as the object and the tool of an action through an operation, there can be inductive learning and generalization from repeating this operation and also a kind of deductive generalization of transferring the instrument function of the tool-object to other situations and other objects of action. The attachment of a specific, activity-related instrumental meaning to objects about which we were previously indifferent does not concern the transformation of external objects only, but concerns also our psychological self-regulation.

For a general discussion of this problem, see van der Ploeg 1987, 155-8. 27 The relevance of interface for development 10 research and policy The notion of social interface offers a way of exploring and understanding questions of diversity and conflict inherent in processes of external intervention. Interfaces typically occur at points where different, and often conflicting, lifeworlds or social fields intersect; or, more concretely, in social situations or arenas in which interactions become oriented around problems of bridging, accommodating, segregating or contesting social, evaluative and cognitive standpoints.

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