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This thesis provides a singular ultrasonic tool for non-invasive and in-situ characterization of magazine bearing lubricant viscosity. particularly, the applying to magazine bearings is defined via non-invasively measuring the viscosity and localized strength losses all through operation.
This ultrasonic viscometer relies at the mirrored image of polarized shear waves from a skinny resonating coating layer to extend the size sensitivity, compared to traditional ultrasonic tools. This device allows a whole engine oil viscoelastic characterization in-situ.
The e-book investigates the consequences of temperature, strain and shear price, and describes intimately the ultrasonic setup and approach. additional, it demonstrates that an analogous strategy will be utilized equally to observe the lubrication of alternative engine elements. As such, it deals a different software which can force the examine of oil formulations to enhance engine functionality and satisfy the necessities of foreign gasoline economic climate laws.

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The capillary of the viscometer is placed in between the pressure intensifiers and the pressure is measured with strain gage transducers. 2 Viscosity Measurement 19 Fig. 12 The Novak and Winer high pressure capillary viscometer. R1 and R2 are the translating pistons the displace the fluid and P1 is the piston that determine the pressure at which the fluid is measured (Bair 2007) • High pressure dropping body viscometer. These are divided in falling ball and falling cylinder viscometers. The high pressure falling ball viscometer consists of a falling ball capillary inserted in a pressure vessel.

C. S. Patent No. S. W. W. Batchelor, Engineering Tribology, 2nd edn. (Butterworth Heinemann, 2001) B. Tower, First report on friction experiments. Proc. Inst. Mech. Engrs. 632–659 (1883) S. Warburg, W. Sachs, The effect of density on the viscosity of liquids. Wiedmanns Annalen. G. Y. C. E. Cohen, Shear flow properties of concentrated solutions of linear and star branched polystyrenes. Rheol. Acta 20(2), 163–178 (1981) Chapter 3 Background on Ultrasound This chapter presents the background on ultrasound, the technology used in this research work to measure the lubricant viscosity.

The presence of two distinctly different regimes of lubrication within one contact, one being conventional fluid-film lubrication … and the other something else. This begs the question as to what is the ‘something else’”. 5 Lubrication Principles in Mechanical Components 29 formation of micro-EHD (elasto-hydrodynamic) regions, and/or formation of thin layer of lubricant that behaves differently compared to the bulk case. As a full lubrication film is formed, the value of load per unit area decreases drastically and the product of viscosity and rotational speed increases.

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