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Coverage for Russia is based on IEA knowledge of the data situation in Russia; which has been validated by the Russian Federation. © OECD/IEA 2011 Development of Energy Efficiency Indicators in Russia Indicator Data required Purpose Limitation Share of passenger‐ kilometres by mode  Passenger‐kilometres by mode.  Provide assessment of the change in the share of modes.  Provide useful qualitative information on activity trends in the sector.  Provide qualitative information on how change in activity influences change in energy consumption.

Very few countries are able to analyse the energy efficiency trends in the service sector. The general aggregate indicator used is service energy consumption by unit of value added in the Page | 43 service sector.  For example, buildings in the finance sector can have the same final energy demand profile as buildings in the retail sector, yet generate significantly different levels of economic output. Energy consumption by floor area is considered by some countries as the best indicator for this sector.

The working group should ideally include all the major players, including government departments and institutions, and, where appropriate, research institutions and trade bodies (particularly where these hold relevant data or analytical expertise). There could be benefit in a concrete focus, for example, such as having the working group initially explore co‐ordination needs in Russia’s transport sector, which the IEA found to have the largest data gaps.  The IEA has singled out the approaches of New Zealand and the United Kingdom as best practice examples; both countries have published reports19 outlining their data collection system in this sector.

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