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As a result, the activities of nanomaterials differ from the activities of the same material at gram or even microgram amounts. ” Nanotechnology seeks to customize these unique behaviors to perform tasks that were previously too difficult or too expensive to perform by conventional science. Three primary areas under study today in nanotechnology are: (1) nano-sized computer chips that run faster than current chips; (2) tiny medical devices that work inside the body’s vessels; and (3) new filters with nanoscale pores for filtering contaminants out of drinking water.

New, biodegradable chemicals and pesticides have helped the environment because microbes break them down more readily than they degrade synthetic chemicals, which persist in the environment for years. Green biotechnology holds the promise of indirectly affecting climate change. New biofuels, new materials, and healthier forests can all result from bioengineering. The European Association for Bioindustries, a leader in green biotechnology initiatives, stated in its 2008 annual report, “Biotechnology is growing from strength to strength.

Green biotechnology joins renewable energy as two of the most important technologies in building sustainability. Biological Control of Pests Agriculture depends on plants with traits that result in good crop yields or resistance against bad weather or pests. Pests have plagued farmers throughout history, and chemical pesticides have been used, possibly as early as 4,500 years ago, when farmers sprinkled sulfate powder on crops to ward off insects. Farmers and seamen turned to mercury and arsenic during the Middle Ages to combat insects, mold, and corrosion.

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